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aTULC (Aluminum Toyo Ultimate Can)

aTULC (Aluminum Toyo Ultimate Can) is a 2-piece aluminum can which has significantly contributed to environmental protection and was developed after thoroughly reviewing the materials used and the manufacturing process. Applicable to pressurized filling.

Aluminum sheet laminated with PET film on the internal and external surfaces of the can is used.
No water is used during can forming process

■ Thermally laminated PET film serves as lubricant and thus no rinsing process is required after can forming.

■ Almost no solid waste which is normally generated from the treatment of rinsing water.

Minimum dissolution of organic components and flavor absorption

■ PET film is thermally laminated on the internal and external surfaces. As compared with conventional lacquer coating, least dissolution of organic components and flavor absorption.

■ Original taste and flavor of contents are retained.

DEC (Dual co-Extrusion Coating) system is applied for thermal lamination of PET film.

DEC system, jointly developed with Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd., is applied for thermal lamination of PET film. Molten resin can be heat-laminated directly to the substrate and thus more efficient than laminating a separately prepared PET film to the substrate.
Sophisticated graphics reproduction utilizing the property of base metal

High-quality metallic look is reproduced by its pearl tone appearance, giving a bright and soft gloss finish.

Main applications

Low-alcohol beverages (e.g. beer and chu-hai) and non-retort beverage (e.g. fruit, vegetable and sports drink)

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