Focusing on Environment and Society (CSR)

Plastic Containers


Toyo Seikan has modified E-RP pouch (a microwavable pouch with a vapor self-release function) into a totally new flat-laying type called TRAVIS, an eco-friendly pouch. E-RP TRAVIS, which can be heated in a microwave oven while laying flat, offers improved handling and safety compared to conventional pouches.

Heat-resistant two-liter triple-support foldable PET bottle

With a grip section in the center of the body and depressions in the upper and lower parts, this bottle offers significantly improved usability to consumers. The depression in the upper part serves as a finger-hold for when this bottle is picked up from the shelf at a convenience store, supermarket, or refrigerator (see the front view). The depression in the lower part helps people of all ages, from children through to the elderly, to hold the bottle firmly with both hands. When the time comes for its disposal, the bottle can be neatly folded along a line running vertically down both sides of the bottle, thereby reducing the bottle volume by about 50% (see the side view).

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