Company Information

Message from the President

Packaging and Nurturing
We are committed to contributing to the society through our "packaging technology and nurturing philosophy", while working toward sustainable development as a corporate group of packaging professionals with an advanced packaging technology.

Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd. has been an industry leader, since its foundation until today, focused on the manufacturing of packaging containers based on the value of “wrapping”, and has been providing such products that can meet the expectations and needs of people.

We recognize that packaging containers are one of the important infrastructure in supporting people’s daily life, and our main social responsibility and mission is to “contribute to the happiness and prosperity of mankind” through packaging technology.
As the core operating entity of Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd., we will realize group synergies through close collaboration across the Group, and enhance corporate value to fulfill this mission and responsibility.

We are committed to contributing to the society by developing and providing our proprietary, value-added products and services that will exceed customer satisfaction.

We look forward to your continued support and guidance.

Masanori Honda

Corporate Purpose and Guidelines for Employees

Corporate Purposes

1. Our objective is to bring happiness to mankind.
2. Purpose of our business is not just to gain profit. Profit is a result of our hard work and not our main aim.
3. Each of us must incorporate a sense of service in our work. Exercise this sense collaboratively and strive to ensure the prosperity of our business partners in the same way as we would for ourselves.

Guidelines for Employees

1. Toyo Seikan is a mutual packaging factory for all customers who require packaging. Our employees must be loyal to our customers we serve.
2. Our products must be better in quality, lower in price and must be supplied more quickly than those of other companies. We should not think that we are just selling our products, but we must rather think that we are sending off our beloved children that we raised with our utmost care.
3. To be satisfied with only a small success is to take a step backwards. Our first duty must be at all times to work without losing our youthful vitality and courage.
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