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Corporate Code of Conduct

We consider that all employees as well as directors, auditors, operating officers and senior advisers shall: 1) be fully aware of social responsibility, 2) strictly observe corporate ethics and 3) “always act modestly with integrity and fairness” in all business activities, to ensure solid growth of Tokyo Seikan. Core rules to be observed in daily business operations are stipulated under the Code of Conduct.

Basic Principles of Code of Conduct

There are following 5 basic principles to “always act modestly with integrity and fairness”.

1. We will act with the highest regard for ethics and social conscience with an awareness of a member of society.
2. We will always observe the relevant laws and company regulations as well as contracts and promises made to the stakeholders, and ensure all our corporate activities conform to normal business practices and corporate ethics.
3. We will promote open communication and respect people’s fundamental human rights and individuality in every business activity.
4. We will be sincere to all stakeholders and conduct fair transactions while maintaining impartial, just and transparent relationships.
5. We will never act against the fair interests of Toyo Seikan, or damage its honor or trust.
Key Elements of Code of Conduct

There are following eight key elements:

Efforts as packaging container professionals
Respect for human rights and diversity
Proactive efforts for environmental protection
Solid relationships with customers, suppliers and the government
Appropriate information management and disclosure
Attitude against antisocial forces
Distinction between public and private matters
Mindset towards overseas business
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