TULC(Toyo Ultimate Can) is a 2-piece can with significantly improved productivity and environmental friendliness, perfected by radically reexamining raw materials and production process. Since its introduction in 1991, TULC has been used for a wide range of products both in Japan and abroad, which is now still evolving with more advanced decoration capability and further weight reduction.

Features of TULC

  • POINT1Friendly to environment, as no water is used during can forming process.

    PET film laminated to can internal surface serves as the coolant during can forming process, thus eliminating subsequent washing process and generating almost no solid waste.

  • POINT2Highly capable of preserving product quality, as it allows almost no elution of organic substances or flavor absorption.

    PET film laminated to can internal surface has significantly better properties in terms of elution of organic substances and flavor absorption as compared to conventional lacquer coating, retaining the freshness of the products for a long time.

  • POINT3Expanded design options with high quality printing and distinctive can shapes.

    In addition to conventional 2-piece can printing (relief printing), TULC can accommodate more precise waterless lithographic printing or labeled can with gravure film, and its can body can be shaped in various patterns, all of which can effectively convey attractiveness of the product to consumers. => Link

  • POINT4The lightest steel can in the industry, contributing to the reduction of negative environmental impact

    Together with Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (currently Nippon Steel Corporation), we developed a light weight can we call “mildly-pressurized can(1).” Its weight of 16.2g (excluding the end) is approximately 6% lighter than conventional pressurized cans, and 40% lighter than the vacuum can(2). It is the lightest steel can in the industry.

    Mildly-pressurized can Vacuum can
    New Conventional
    Metal thickness 0.170㎜ 0.185㎜ 0.225㎜
    Can weight 16.2g 17.3g 26.7g
    Reduction ratio Over 6% Standard (reference)
    About 40% Standard (reference)

    Note 1: Mildly-pressurized can
    A can whose internal pressure is higher than the atmosphere. Due to this internal pressure, It can retain the strength even if can body wall is thin. A combination of flat bottom and mildly-pressurized filling system allows the use of quality inspection by tapping test for vacuum can.

    Note 2: Vacuum can
    A can whose internal pressure is lower than the atmosphere. It retains strength with the rigidity of the can itself.

Main applications

Beverages that require retort sterilization, such as coffee, tea and soup.
Beverages that do not require retort sterilization, such as fruit and vegetable juice and sports drinks.

Product lineup

Can type Body dia Fill volume End dia
Vacuum 202 160ml 200
202 200ml 200

[Material] Steel

Can making process

    Production process of TULC

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