Product Information

Food Can


This is a 2 piece can from pre-printed and pre-coated metal sheet formed using a cupping draw process.

Inside PET laminated DRD can

Steel manufactured DRD can’s inside coating is replaced with PET laminate, achieving better suitability with product contents and the environment.

PC Can (Pressed Cone Can)

Pot shaped DRD can with an attached taper. The material can either be steel or aluminium. Also with an internal PET laminate to facilitate better corrosion resistance and sulfide resistance (discoloration resistance).
The over cap (simplex cap) is with an attached spoon for convenience.


For Pill / Granule / Powdered state products. A great container that’s moisture proof and light proof.

Pascal Can

Using water pressure (Pascal’s principle), a manufacturing method to freely shape welded cans has been developed to make products more distinct.

Dressy Can

Container that makes use of a resealable Dressy-seal cap. The diameter of the cap is equal to that of the can body so to have no unevenness between the two surfaces.

Double Safety End

This universal design full-open aluminium end resolves the safety issues surrounding the opening. Retort sterilization is also suitable.

Product Information

Beverage Packaging
Food Packaging
Lifestyle & Household Products
Industrial Use Can
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