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Plastic Bottles for Food

Lamicon Bottle (Oxygen Barrier Bottle)

Plastic is susceptible to oxygen and water vapor permeation. However, due to their ability to decrease degradation in food contents caused by oxygen penetration, multilayer lamicon containers extend their contents shelf life.

Lamicon Tube

Plastic is susceptible to oxygen and water vapor permeation. Lamicon tubes have the same reduction in oxygen permeation found in lamicon bottles.

Lamicon Bottle (Solvent Resistant / Aroma Retention)

General plastic resins are susceptible to oxygen and water vapor penetration. However, through this layered lamicon composition additional functions are available. The inside of the bottle is layered with a special type of resin so to prevent the absorption of the product into the bottle as well as impede oxygen permeation. Container can be used for citric flavoring and solvent based contents.

MultiBLOCK (Bottle / Tube)

Food contents are degraded by oxygen. In order to protect the contents from oxygen, a multilayer bottle with oxygen absorbing properties was developed.

PET Bottle for Miscellaneous Condiments

This is a transparent PET bottle allowing its contents to be visible. Excluding beverages, there are many applications for condiments.

Heat Resistant PET Bottle for Condiments

This is a heat resistant bottle for products requiring sterilization.

ECO PET (Super Lightweight Volume Reduced PET Bottle)

In order to reduce space, this super light weight PET bottle can be folded at the time of disposal so to take up less space, proving good for the environment.

1.8 Liter Handle PET Bottle

A container which can be used for a wide range of applications, centering mainly on business-use condiments.

SiBARD (SiOX deposition PET Bottle)

SiBARD is a bottle internally coated with oxidized Silicon (SiOx) film to provide high barrier properties.

Miscellaneous Plastic Caps

We supply plastic caps for a particular application to match the customer's demand and requested bottles.

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