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Semi-automated Seamer Dimensional Measuring Equipment

This equipment semi-automatically measures the outside measurements (CaH. CS. T. W), and then simultaneously cuts the 3 seam measurement positions using a specialized cutting mechanism. Furthermore, the internal dimensions of the cut seam cross section can be semi-automatically measured using its image enhancing equipment.
This equipment was developed with the target to cut down the seam measuring time ? only requires configuring 3 sets of points at the outside seam measurement instrument, can seam cutting equipment, and can cutting seam measurement equipment.

Semi-automated Seamer Dimensional Measuring Equipment

Semi-automated Seamer Dimensional Measuring Equipment
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Compatible Can Types: 2 piece cans & 3 piece cans
Compatible Can-End Diameters: 200/204/206DIA
Can Height: 70~170mm   
Measuring Time: 35 minutes for 12 cans

  1. 1. Able to save the image of the seam cross section.
  2. 2. Easy to measure and at the same time avoid measurement error. Ease of operation and short measuring times are realized because of the readout measurement, the data sheet printout, and the statistical processing are all handled from a computer.
  3. 3. As necessary, can choose the center of setup supervision, daily operation supervision, and/or test supervision, depending on the measuring target.
  4. 4. The measurement value is cross checked against the standard value, and in the event the measurement is out of standard, the discrepancy will be displayed.
  5. 5. Administration of the seaming tools based on volume number can be done.
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