Technical Information

Decoration (Printing, Coating)

Special Printing and Coating

Hairline Finish
  • 1. Fine stripe polishing, a finishing effect for the surface of DWI cans (applied circumferentially), offers a contrast in brightness.
  • 2. Full or partial application is available.
    [Full Application of the Hairline Finish]
    Vibrant brightness appears on the entire surface of can.

    [Partial Application of the Hairline Finish (Stripe Hairline Finish)]
    • Hairline finish is partially applied (in an alternating sequence without its application) by a process that uses TOYO SEIKAN's original technology (patent applied).
    • The sequence of the alternating hairline pattern and its clearance is arbitrarily controlled beyond a certain width, thus allowing for a variety of different designs.
Hairline Finish
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