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Decoration (Printing, Coating)

Special Printing and Coating

Contraction Varnish (Wrinkle Varnish)
  • 1. Newly-developed "Wrinkle Varnish" coating realizes an interesting new texture and a unique feeling to the touch.
  • 2. As for the exterior appearance, matte and cool, an oriental image is created with a moderately irregular texture.
    By its metallic design, the can is especially eye catching, which contributes to the product's ability to be differentiated.
  • 3. The basic principle is the utilization of the differing curing speed between two plastic components. During the drying process, random lattice patterns form initially, and then secondary patterns (wrinkles) begin to emerge in the lattices.
  • 4. Applicable to welded cans and DWI cans.
Enlarged View
Welded Can, DWI Can
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