Technical Information

Typical Functional Pouches

Spout Pouches

Spout pouches are those which are mounted with spouts.
These types for retort processing are used for liquid diet and enteral feeding products.
Aluminium foil is heat-sealed over the nozzle after high-temperature sterilization to ensure proper sealing.

Spout Pouches
Zipper Spout Pouch: New Form of Liquid Diet Pouches
TOYO SEIKAN developed a retortable spout pouch with a zipper to use for liquid diets.
Zipper Spout Pouch: New Form of Liquid Diet PouchesZipper Spout Pouch: New Form of Liquid Diet Pouches
Point 1 Improved workability for the break-off spout

By using a break-off spout, the tip of the spout can be detached, to open the seal, simply by twisting the outer cap. This simplifies its handling and improves its workability, as compared to conventional spouts.

Point 2 Improved workability in refilling

An easy-to-hold body for refilling and an easy-to-open zipper equipped with an adequate opening width.

Point 3 Universal design
  • Rounded corners for easy handling.
  • Optimized seal shape and opening position for improved liquid flow.
Barrier spout pouch
The first barrier spout pouch in the world, the spout part is built-in with barrier components that enhance the oxygen barrier function.
Gusseted typeSmall diameter barrier type
Point 1 The first retortable pouch fitted with a barrier spout in the world

Reduces oxygen penetration from the outside by using a small diameter spout specially developed to withstand retort sterilization, the spout part is fitted with a built-in multilayer tube containing EVOH, a world technical premiere. This pouch is mainly used for semisolid and high density liquid diets.

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