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SiBARD : SiOx Barrier-layer Development : Silicon Oxide Coated PET Bottle

SiBARD (SiOx Barrier-layer Development) - PET Bottle has two thin-films layers. A highly flexible and adhesive organic silicon film is coated inside the bottle along with a silicon oxide (SiOx) film with excellent gas barrier properties.
This two-layer structure emerged as one of TOYO SEIKAN's proprietary technologies. SiBARD blocks out external gas and retains the flavor components of its contents. These colorless and transparent containers are superior in hygiene, and recyclable to the same degree as conventional PET bottles.
Silicon oxide film coated containers provide superior barrier properties so to shut out ambient oxygen, and prevent moisture and carbon dioxide permeation, all of which affect the quality of the contents.

Categorized by such features, SiBARD PET bottles are used as containers for food oil (highly susceptive to oxygen degradation) and carbonated beverages/alcoholic drinks.

Oxygen Scavenging PET
  • This PET Bottle was developed to protect the contents from oxygen. It has a five-layered structure consisting of two different materials layered in the sequence - PET/barrier agent/PET/barrier agent/PET.
  • Proprietary oxygen scavenger (SIRIUS) is used as a barrier agent offering an excellent preservation ability.
  • Recyclability equal to general PET bottles.
Oxygen Scavenging PET
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