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2.7 Liter Handy PET Bottle

By creatively modifying the handle section, we were able to achieve the easy-to-handle and pour features required for large alcohol bottles.
Aiming to reduce resources so to create an environmentally friendly bottle, the bottle's weight was successfully reduced by 15 percent (compared with our existing products) while maintaining its strength.

2.7 L Handy PET Bottle
2 Liter PET Bottle with Triple Support

By incorporating the various situations from which 2L bottles are used, two grooves were added to the top and bottom of the bottle (support for picking-up and pouring), and to the center for improved holding support and handling. With these improvements, the bottle can be easily taken out of the refrigerator and be held using less strength when using both hands.

Furthermore, the groove lines on both sides allow for easy folding, making it easy for disposal; the empty bottles compact to about half of their original volume.

2L PET Bottle with Triple Support
ULB (Universal Light-Weight Bottle)
ULB (Universal Light-Weight Bottle)
Under Development
  • [Features]
  • 1. Resource saving
    2L aseptic bottle with a weight of 35 g. Significant weight savings by 30 percent when compared to existing 2L bottles (50 g).
  • 2. Easy-to-hold bottle waist
    Using our original molding methods, the waist portion was narrowed and strengthened while reducing the overall weight of the bottle. This creates a comfortable easy-to-hold bottle.
  • 3. Easy-to-pour - large opening
    An opening a little larger (diameter of 30 mm) than that in existing products (28 mm) allows for smoother pouring.
  • 4. Easily foldable structure for disposal
    Light-weighted to make the walls thinner so the bottle is more easily crushable.
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