• Policy
  • Toyo Seikan Group Commitment
    to Global Environment

Environmental Vision and Goals

Based on the Toyo Seikan Group Environmental Policy, which was established in 2002, we have been actively working on the protection and improvement of the global environment through our business activities.
In 2015, we revised our Environmental Vision and set new long-term goals towards 2050, taking the next step for the creation of a sustainable society.

Toyo Seikan Group Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

We clearly understand that the protection and improvement of the global environment is one of the most important issues common to all mankind. Based on this point of view, we will contribute to more fulfilling daily lives with careful consideration to the environment in every aspect of our business operation.

Environmental Vision

Combining our proprietary technologies and tapping into technologies across the world, we will contribute to achieving a sustainable society from three perspectives in the value chain of our products, services and systems.

Environmental Action Policy

Achieving Mid-term Environmental Goals
“Eco Action Plan 2030”

Eco Action Plan 2030, formulated in fiscal 2019, is a set of quantitative environmental targets for the Group to achieve by 2030, the target year of the SDGs, through activities to address the climate change, to promote resource recycling, and to conserve biodiversity, which is often discussed with the marine plastic litter problem.
In addition to the environmental impact of our own business activities, we have been taking specific measures to reduce the environmental impacts across our entire supply chain.

Eco Action Plan 2030

(1)An exhaustible resource is a natural resource that is not replenished by natural processes as fast as humans consume it.
(2)Fossil resources include crude oil and natural gas.