Message from the President

Since its founding, Toyo Seikan has been a leading company of packaging containers in Japan, focusing on the crucial value of packaging. We have been providing the world with products that meet the values and needs of consumers and customers.

We understand that the products we provide play as much an important role as the social infrastructure, which is essential to people’s daily life. We therefore have a significant social responsibility and duty to contribute to human happiness and prosperity through packaging containers. To achieve this mission, we will work on the creation of synergies in the Toyo Seikan Group as a core operating company by closely cooperating with other group members, thereby increasing our corporate value.

By developing high value-added products and services that only Toyo Seikan can offer to ensure customer satisfaction, our commitment to social development will continue towards a higher stage of evolution.

We would greatly appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

本多 正憲


Management Philosophy of Toyo Seikan

  • Our Fundamental Principles
    1. Our aim is to achieve results that bring happiness to mankind.
    2. We shall work not just for profit, which is merely a result of our business activities and not the main purpose.
    3. All of us shall have a spirit of service to fulfill our respective duties and demonstrate the spirit as the entire organization, striving for the prosperity of our business partners in the same way as for our own success.
  • Our Work Rules
    1. Toyo Seikan is a packaging container manufacturer established for our partners who need packages. All of us shall be faithful servants of the partners.
    2. We shall strive to supply products with higher quality at lower prices in a shorter period of time than any other providers. Meanwhile, we shall keep in mind that we are sending out our products into the world, instead of just selling them, since they are like our own children raised with heart and soul.
    3. Being satisfied with a small success leads to deterioration. Our most important duty is to work without losing a youthful mind and courage at any time.