Equipment Rental Service “TSUME-TARO”

TSUME-TARO is a total solution business combining package and filling provided by Toyo Seikan.

Features of TSUME-TARO

  • POINT1Sake breweries can fill and sell canned sake on their own without capital investment.
    We will lease a complete set of filling equipment free of charge.

    Good news for those who “want to fill Japanese sake in aluminum cans but uncertain about making capital investment.”
    All you need to cover are the machine shipment and setup fees.
    There is no need to pay for the filling machine.

    We will deliver the equipment to your brewery and our staff will visit onsite for machine setup and technical support.
    • ■Delivery by truck

      We will visit onsite for machine installation and setup.

    • ■Filling and seaming

      Filling and lid seaming will be done by the customer.

    • ■Equipment return

      We will visit onsite and retrieve the machine

    A rental service for the filling equipment required to fill 180ml of Japanese sake. We will install and setup the machine.

  • POINT2“Sampo-yoshi”! (Good for the seller, Good for the buyer, Good for society)
    • おいしさそのまま

      Hermetical sealing prevents deterioration of sake by ultraviolet and oxygen, which are sake’s harmful enemy, and delivers the genuine taste and flavor treasured by the brewery.Sake’s irresistible aroma spreads out the moment you open the full-aperture end.

    • 便利なサイズ

      Various types of sake can be enjoyed with one-portion size.
      So compact it easily fits into the fridge, whereas 1.8 liter bottle cannot be stored in the fridge, or has to be lay down. You will be tempted to make a collection of sake cans.

    • 新しいデザイン

      Shiny graphics on the aluminum can surface will attract young female consumers and people who were not used to drinking sake.
      Perfect for breweries who wish to change their brand image or explore new customers.

    • 軽くて割れない

      Light and unbreakable, convenient for shipment and display. Logistics people would love the savings on shipping cost.
      Most suitable for souvenirs brought abroad, as there is no risk of bottle breakage.

    • 三方良し(買い手・売り手・世間)

      Easy for the current and new customers to purchase while keeping the aroma treasured by the breweries, and good for distribution and environment. It is truly an ideal container, “good for the seller”, “good for the buyer”, and “good for society.”


  1. Rental reservation, scheduling
    Please let us know your preferred schedule.
    We will check ours and revert back to you.
  2. Machine delivery by 4 ton truck
    For the first time filling, our staff will install and setup the machine, and explain how to operate.
  3. Filling, product shipment by the customer
    Please carry out filling and shipment according to your needs.
  4. Machine cleaning (by the customer)
    We ask you to clean the machine after completion of your scheduled filling.
  5. Machine recovery by our truck
    Please load the machine onto the truck.

Machine specifications

Equipment Specifications
Rinser Air-type (with 2 nozzles, manual infeed of empty cans)
Filler Piston filler (with 1 head, fixed fill volume at 180ml)
With filter to reject foreign particles
Seamer 1 head
Other attachments Turntable to collect filled cans
Tank for CIP cleaning (stand-alone)
Baby compressor (stand-alone)
  • ●Required utility: Three-phase 200V 30A 30A
  • ●The machine does not perform liquid heating, humidity control or sterilization.
  • ●Warm water for CIP cleaning to be prepared by the customer.
  • ●Slightly positive pressure inside filling zone, completely shielded with cover guard.
  • ●Payment for materials such as empty cans are required.

Sample applications

Please take full advantage of this service to expand existing market or explore new customers
with the unique characteristics of aluminum cans.

  • Shiny appearance only metal cans can offer!

  • From season to season!

  • As souvenirs for inbound tourists!

We have our own designing section to create graphics for you.

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