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TULC is a metal can embodying a breakthrough in environmental friendliness, achieved through reexamining the fundamentals of the can making raw materials and manufacturing process.
Applicable to both vacuum filling and pressurized filling.


aTULC is a polyester laminated aluminium 2 piece can, which inherits TULC’s ideology of being highly functional and eco-friendly.
Applicable to pressurized filling.


TEC200 is a resealable can supplementing an easy to open and easy to drink concept to TULC’s basic highly functional and eco-friendly ideology.
Applicable to vacuum filling. As retort sterilization and tapping inspection are possible, we propose to use a suitable filling system.

Draw Wall Ironing (DWI) Aluminium Can

The can is made according to a DWI (Drawing and Ironing) formation. As only a body and a lid, this is a 2 piece can.
Applicable only to pressurized filling, and nitrogen filling.

Welded Can

This is a 3 piece can composing of a welded can body, can end, and can lid.
Applicable only to vacuum filling.


This lid is for use with beverage cans. The stay on tab (SOT) was developed in order to control tab littering along with a wide range of other applications. Its structure makes it so the tab does not cut away when the can is opened.
Various opening shapes and tab colors can be used to complement the design on the can body.

Filling test equipment

At our company, we possess a small scale test filling line (mini plant), based on an actual full scale filling line. This test line offers a series of manufacturing stages that start from product preparation to bottle production, sterilization, filling, and seaming all under consistent conditions. Our test line allows for the trial production of new beverage products so to provide an opportunity to assess the results before full commercial production. For details please send us your inquiries.

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