Hot-fill PET bottle

A PET bottle with a superior heat resistant property to withstand hot filling, where the contents are sterilized and filled at high temperature and cooled down with cold shower.

Features of hot fill PET bottle

  • POINT1The bottle shape with a superior heat resistant property

    Neck (nozzle): Crystallized and whitened to withstand high temperature. (Hardness and heat resistance are improved by crystallization.)
    Bottom: Convexo-concave shape like petal (Conobase) to prevent bottle deformation by heat.

  • POINT2Assurance of hermetic seal (Fill level of fluid drops down after opening the cap.)

    When the content cools down by cold shower after hot filling, the pressure inside the bottle declines and the bottle becomes hollow, decreasing its capacity and pushing up its fill level. After opening the cap, the hollowed surface returns to its original shape and the fill level drops down. This phenomenon proves that the bottle has been hermetically sealed.

Main applications

Fruit juice drinks, vegetable juice drinks, sports drinks, teas

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