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Beverage PET Bottles

PET Bottle

The raw material of PET is a heat plasticity resin that is called Polyethylene Terephthalate, a type of polyester.
By using PET resin, a biaxial blow stretching mold is used to form the bottle, which is generally used for beverage container applications.

Aseptic PET Bottle

A PET bottle used for aseptic filling, a process of packaging “sterile liquid” in a “sterilized PET bottle” at room temperature in an aseptic environment.

Hotfill PET Bottle

A heat resistant PET bottle for hot-fill application. Beverages are sterilized and filled at a high temperature and then cooled in a shower of cold water.

Pressure Resistant PET Bottle (CSD Beverages)

A PET bottle for carbonated beverages which is designed to withstand internal pressure of carbonated gas in the bottle.

Pressure-Heat Resistant Bottle

A PET bottle for carbonated beverages requiring heat sterilization. Equipped with both heat and pressure resistance.

Large Capacity Alcohol PET Bottle

A large capacity PET bottle developed for alcohol use. Available in economic 2.7L bottle size with ergonomic design, and a 4L bottle with an easy-to-use handle.

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