Features of E-RP

  1. Safe and easy heating: Safe and easy heating with automatic vapor release mechanism
  2. “Pressure cooker” function: Preventing the food from being cooked unevenly with steaming effect
  3. Compatible with high-power microwave: It can be heated in a high-power microwave (up to 1500W), often seen in convenience stores.
  4. It can also be heated in boiling water.
  5. Compatible with retort and boil sterilization
  6. No special materials to accelerate vapor release
Automatic vapor release mechanism
Basic concept
1. The vapor-release seal is positioned at the spot where the internal stress from heat expansion concentrates.
2. Vapor-release seal is peeled off by the internal stress, thereby releasing the vapor through vent hole.


Pouch with automatic vapor release mechanism “E-RP TRAVIS”

Transformation during heating


Additional function

Vapor release indicator

A mechanism to more safely use E-RP. The color change indicates whether the vapor is being released from the hole.


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