aTULC(Aluminum Toyo Ultimate Can) is a 2-piece aluminum can with significantly improved productivity and environmental friendliness, perfected by radically reexamining raw materials and production process. Since its introduction in 2002, aTULC has been used for a wide range of products

Features of aTULC

  • POINT1Friendly to environment, as no water is used during can forming process.

    PET film laminated to can internal surface serves as the coolant during can forming process, thus eliminating proceeding washing process and generating almost no solid waste.

  • POINT2Highly capable of preserving product quality, as it allows almost no elution of organic substances or flavor absorption.

    PET film laminated to can internal surface has significantly better properties in terms of elution of organic substances and flavor absorption as compared to conventional lacquer coating, retaining the freshness of the products for a long time.

  • POINT3High quality graphics reproduction utilizing the appearance of can surface

    Tender, bright and shiny pearl-tone surface enables the reproduction of refined metallic appearance.

Main applications

Low alcoholic drinks, such as beer and Chu-hai cocktails.
Beverages that do not require retort sterilization, such as fruit and vegetable juice and sports drinks.

Product lineup

Body dia Fill volume End dia
202 170ml 200
211 280ml 206
350ml 204
500ml 204

[Material] Aluminum

Can making process

  • Production process of aTULC

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