Retortable Pouch with Spout

A pouch with spout that can be retorted.
It is being used for a wide range of products such as liquid food.

Features of retort pouch with spout

  • POINT1Retortable

    Retort sterilization can be applied with a combination of retortable pouch and spout.

  • POINT2A variety of spout lineup

    In addition to large mouth spouts, we have spouts with caps that can be snapped off.

  • POINT3Superior disposability

    Contributing to reduction of trash and resource saving, typical characteristics of the pouches.

  • POINT4Pouch with retortable zipper

    We also have a pouch with retortable zipper to allow water replenishment into the pouch.

  • POINT5Comprehensive support

    We have a comprehensive system to support our customers, ranging from equipment for filling and retort sterilization to technical services.

Main applications

Foods (liquid food, pasta sauce, fruit sauce, soybean milk), etc.

Product lineup

Pouch lineup Spout lineup
Flat pouch
Stand-up pouch
large-mouth heat seal type
Small-mouth snap-off type

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