Lamicon Cup

A plastic container with multi-layer structure including an oxygen barrier layer. It has a superior product preservation property.

Features of Lamicon Cup

  • POINT1Superior oxygen barrier property

    It is a plastic container made from co-extruded multi-layer sheet with oxygen barrier resin in the middle, which is formed into a cup or tray shape. It has superior preservation property for food products. Small cups are used for such products as fruit jelly, while the large ones are used for miso (soybean paste), etc.
    We also have Oxyguard containers with an oxygen scavenging property to even better preserve the contents.

    Structure of Lamicon Cup

    To Oxyguard

  • POINT2Withstand retort sterilization

    Types with heat resistant property can withstand retort sterilization.

  • POINT3Comprehensive support

    We have a comprehensive system to support our customers, ranging from the equipment for filling and retort sterilization to technical services

Main applications

Food (fruit jelly, miso, cooked rice, processed foods, etc.)

Structure of Lamicon Cup

Permeation of oxygen from the outside is reduced by using high oxygen barrier resin in the middle layer.


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