General-line Can

A 3-piece welded can with easy-opening end or aluminum heat-seal lid to ensure hermetic sealing

Features of general-line can

  • POINT1Safe aperture

    Cans with easy-opening ends, some of them equipped with guide beads to secure safety around the aperture.
    The guide beads are designed to protect fingers from touching the aperture edge and prevent injury..

Main applications

Food: Seasonings, confectionery, ground coffee, cocoa, protein, etc. (all dry-packed)
Seafood, meat, vegetable, fruits, sauce (for retort sterilization)

Product lineup

202 diameter (inside dia.: 52.3 m/m)

211 diameter (inside dia.: 65.3 m/m)

301 diameter (inside dia.: 74.1 m/m)

307 diameter (inside dia.: 83.3 m/m)

401 diameter (inside dia.: 98.9 m/m)

504 diameter (inside dia.: 129.9 m/m)

603 diameter (inside dia.: 153.1 m/m)

Pascal Can: 202 – 401 diameter (Height: 70 mm – 180 mm)

Dresseal Can: Various sizes available. Please contact us for details.

Various can specifications: No. 1, No. 2, No. 4, No. 6, etc.

Milk powder can

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