Can for sake (Japanese rice wine)

A small-size (180ml) aluminum 2-piece can with aluminum full-aperture end specialized for sake

Features of sake can

  • POINT1A safe and environmentally friendly container with superior product preservation property

    The hermetical sealing prevents deterioration of contents from light and oxygen, resulting in superb preservation of product quality.
    The can is made of light and rigid aluminum, a safety feature as there is no concern for container breakage.
    It is also easy to discard, leading to high recycling rate.

  • POINT2A wide range of decoration with direct printing

    It enables direct printing on the external surface.
    The metallic aluminum surface can be emphasized. We can also offer other options such as mat varnish.
    Please take advantage of them for product differentiation.

Main applications

Japanese sake

Product lineup

W180L52 Inside dia. 56.40×98.50 m/m

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