DRD Can, Drawn Can

2-piece cans made from pre-coated and pre-printed metal sheet which is drawn into the cup shape, usually matched with easy-open aluminum ends.

Features of DRD and drawn cans

  • POINT1Light weight and resource saving

    As they are 2-piece cans, they weigh less and require less resources than 3-piece welded cans.

  • POINT2High display effect

    By printing metal sheet before forming into can shape, graphics design can be displayed not only on the can sidewall but also on the can bottom.
    Since the graphics printed on the sidewall are distorted after can forming, there is a need to compensate for this distortion by reverse-distorting the graphics (distortion printing), thus restoring the original graphics after can forming.

  • POINT3A wide range of product lineup

    In addition to round shaped cans, we offer rectangular, oval and cone-shaped (PC) cans.
    We also have DR cans with PET film laminated on the can internal surface to improve their compatibility with the contents and reduce environmental impact.

Main applications

Food: Seafood (tuna, mackerel, saury, etc.), meat, boiled beans, red bean jelly, pudding, jelly, etc.
Others: Pet food

Product lineup

Can type Code name Diameter x Can height after seaming Fill volume
DR Can (inside laminated) T3RF1 (Tuna No. 3 DR Can) 211×37.8 mm 107 ml
DR Can (inside laminated) 90RF31C (Pocket No. 4 DR Can) 301×28.8 mm 91 ml
DR Can (inside laminated) F3RF31C (Flat No. 3 DR Can) 301×33.0 mm 109 ml
DR Can (inside laminated) 220RF31B(No. 6 DR Can) 301×57.2 mm 220 ml
DR Can (inside laminated) 180RF31B (Portable DR Can) 301×46.8 mm 175 ml
DR Can (inside laminated) 200RF7 (Tuna No. 2 DR Can) 307×44.4 mm 194 ml
DR Can (aluminum) 100RLS 301×32.4 mm 100 ml
DR Can (aluminum) 130RLS 301×38.9 mm 130 ml
Drawn Can (tinplate) O1 (Oval No. 1 Can) Oval (158.9 mm×106.7 mm)×38.5 mm 448 ml
Drawn Can (tinplate) O3 (Oval No. 3 Can) Oval (125.7 mm×83.0 mm)×31.5 mm 222 ml
Drawn Can (aluminum) O120L Oval (105.0 mm×65.0 mm)×29.2 mm 117 ml
Drawn Can (tinplate) D3B (Rectangular No. 3 Can B) Rectangular (106.2 mm×74.6 mm)×22.0 mm 121 ml
PC Can (Cone-shaped Can) PCS24 (211 dia. top, bottom 52.0 mm)×32.4 mm 62 ml
PC Can (Cone-shaped Can) PCS22 (211 dia. top, bottom 52.0 mm)×34.4 mm 74 ml
PC Can (Cone-shaped Can) PCS17 (301 dia. top, bottom 64.0 mm)×27.5 mm 72 ml

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